Neauvia Organic Intense Man (1 x 1ml)

Neauvia Organic Intense Man (1 x 1ml)

Neauvia Organic Intense Man (1 x 1ml)

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Neauvia® Organic Intense Man is an injectable hyaluronic acid, suitable for restoration of volume and filling of skin depression ( included deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and temples), Intense Man can be used to add volume in the sagging area and to fill the folds and deep wrinkles. The specific formula with the highest concentration 28mg of hyaluronic acid and PEG polymer cross-linked. Neauvia Intense Man also contains amino acids - Glycine and L-Proline, which is main amino acid in collagen. This high viscoelasticity and high modelability, to which the skin becomes thicker and firmer.



The Neauvia® Organic line offers products for filling tissue losses, it guarantees a natural look and minimises the risk of adverse reactions.

Treatment Area of Neauvia Intense Man: Face volumising, nose modelling, filling of skin depression.


What are the benefits of using Neauvia® Organic Intense Man?

•Intense gives fantastic lift effect.

•Slow biodegradation and long lasting results

•Thanks to unique rheological properties intense is highly adaptive to the tissue



•1 x 1ml prefilled syringe

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