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Gouri Polycaprolactone Injectable Implant - Stimulating Beauty at Its Best

This injectable implant stimulates fibroblasts, and new collagen forms and improves skin elasticity. It easily spreads around the skin causing a facial upliftment by creating a wonderful collagen synthesis. This is a perfect example of the latest advances in filler and injectable implant technology and enhances the cosmetic effect by promoting neocollagenesis. The before and after results are extraordinary and have a positive effect on skin quality. The collagen synthesis rate declines as one age and with this implant, the restoration of skin quality and appearance becomes relatively simple and easy. The drug delivery happens uniformly and without the use of microparticles and with more efficacy.

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Gouri Polycaprolactone Injectable Implant - is a premium collagen stimulator that increases the collagen synthesis rate, which has decreased due to skin aging. It is the first fully liquid type PCL (Polycaprolactone) injectable that rejuvenates the skin t
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