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HarmonyCa with Lidocaine fillers - Boosters for the Skin

The HarmonyCa with Lidocaine fillers is an injectable treatment that gives a great lifting effect as it triggers new collagen synthesis within the skin itself. It combines the effect of the traditional HA fillers too along with giving it a modern and unique blend of ingredients which results in an immediate refreshed look. It is well capable of remodeling the skin and its structure while also providing the longevity of youth fullness. The ultimate result is just smoother skin with almost no wrinkles and the treatment is made very comfortable for takers. The Lidocaine immediately numbs the area and with the beneficial components, the treatment proves result oriented.

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The HArmonyCa formula combines hyaluronic acid with calcium hydroxyapatite in one product to add immediate volume to the injection areas thanks to the hyaluronic acid and gradual and prolonged lifting
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