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Monalisa is a pure, cross-linked HA soft tissue filler that reduces the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and volume loss. Monalisa dermal filler is available in four forms, Soft, Mild, Hard and Ultra.

Rejuvenating with Monalisa

Monalisa range is beneficial to increase the volume of soft tissues and correct medium and deep wrinkles. It is intended for modelling the contours and lines around the mouth. Pure hyaluronic acid, along with strong cross-linking chains, ensures high safety and the best efficacy. The lidocaine Monalisa range has been developed technologically to lessen any kind of operation during the process. The filler has all the stability needed to enlarge areas such as the chin, cheekbones, and jawline. The unmatched treatment results make sure the patients receive a natural-looking volume. The Monalisa Booster corrects superficial skin imperfections and imparts a rejuvenating effect in the early stages of wrinkles. It is a high-quality product that retains excellent volume effects for a long time. It is designed to give comfort and provide superior safety. It is the most effective in removing wrinkles and fine lines and overall reversing all the signs of aging.

4 Items

Monalisa Lidocaine Hard - Suitable for forehead volume, nasolabial fold, chin and facial oval. Recommended Indication: Middle to deep layer of subcutis.
£35.40 £29.50
Monalisa Lidocaine Mild - Suitable for perioral lines, cheek volume and forehead lines. Recommended Indication: Superficial dermis/Middle layer of subcutis
£35.40 £29.50
Monalisa Lidocaine Soft - Suitable for fine lines and tear throughs.
Recommended Indication: Superficial dermis
£35.40 £29.50
Monalisa Lidocaine Ultra
Suitable for nasal augmentation and chin & facial oval.
Recommended Indication: Deep to very deep layer of subcutis.
£35.40 £29.50