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Sharps Bins

Complete sharps disposal systems for the safe disposal of needles and syringes

Sharps Bins-A disposable system that is worth it

The Sharps bins are user-friendly containers that help in the disposal of needles and syringes and are leak resistant. They are crucial from the hygiene point of view. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and can dispose of any biomedical waste that penetrates the skin. Any kind of infection can be prevented with the help of Sharp bins. They have a tight-fitting lid and puncture-resistant lid and provide affordable and convenient disposal.

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A complete sharps disposal system for the safe disposal of needles and syringes.
£32.40 £27.00
The 1Ltr Sharpsguard Community Plus sharps bin with orange lid is ideal for small quantity users or community use.
£7.08 £5.90