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Jalupro is a line of biorevitalising products designed to improve the skin texture and minimise wrinkles. The Jalupro product line is designed to reduce signs of skin ageing and photoageing. All Jalupro Mesotherapy products are designed to protect, strengthen and improve the skin and eye area and to treat wrinkles.

Jalupro- Sight the difference

Jalupro is an ingenious blend of the bio revitalizing product range which is uniquely formulated to treat fine lines and wrinkles. It can be a targeted treatment for the under-eye lines and has brightening properties to work around the eyes. Being the most effective and safe treatment, it also increases the tone, volume, and elasticity of the skin. It acts as a hydrating agent and prevents all signs of damage due to aging and UV rays.

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Jalupro Amino Acid is a sterile, resorbable, injectable solution which acts as dermal biorevitalizer. It can be used for improving skin texture and minimising evidence of skin wrinkles in the face.
£63.80 £50.40 £42.00
Jalupro HMW is an injectable solution which has been formulated using a clever combination of amino acids. Labelled as a 'dermal biorevitalizer', it eradicates skin depressions caused by ageing wrinkles and scars.
£65.32 £51.60 £43.00
Jalupro Superhydro is a sterile reabsorbable injectable solution which acts as a unique deep biorevitalization treatmentusing our signature technology of Amino Acids Replacement Therapy, combined with biopeptides and a high concentration of high and low m
£80.51 £63.60 £53.00
Jalupro Young Eye is an injectable solution, sterile, re-absorbable, which acts supporting the restoration of physiological conditions of elasticity in the the periorbital area. Jalupro Young Eye is ideal for addressing concerns like moisture retention, s
£79.00 £62.40 £52.00

Jalupro Mesotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions of Jalupro mesotherapy are required? plus minus
During Jalupro mesotherapy, the components of the drug are absorbed by the dermis, where they are used by the body immediately. The medication hydrates the skin and stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Resulting in plumper, firmer and younger looking skin. The results can be seen from first treatment only, but 2 to 3 sessions are required for effective and long lasting results.
What are Jalupro mesotherapy products made of? plus minus
Generally, Jalupro cosmetic injectables are bio-revitalizers. They can be used on their own or in combination with other aesthetic treatments. They are applied to different target areas in the body, including the face. They are based on amino acids. The amino acids found in Jalupro cosmetic injectables stimulate the growth of collagen and skin cells. They are also known to improve the elasticity of the skin. This makes them an excellent choice for treating wrinkles and scars. They are also effective in treating dry and dehydrated skin.
How soon will I start to see the results of Jalupro mesotherapy? plus minus
Generally, the results of Jalupro mesotherapy will be seen after a few weeks. However, the time may vary according to the patients age, area being treated and requirement. Jalupro works by encouraging fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Fibroblasts are the cells that help restore connective tissues. As the skin ages, these cells decrease in activity. The deficiency leads to deterioration of the skin, which can be visible through wrinkles and fine lines.
Which areas are suitable for using Jalupro products? plus minus
Depending on your skin type, Jalupro products can be injected into various areas of the face and body. They are designed to treat wrinkles and enhance other cosmetic treatments. They also help to hydrate and plump skin. Jalupro products contain amino acids that help support collagen and fibroblasts, which help to repair the skin. They can also be used to treat scars and stretch marks. They can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments and can last up to six months.
What is the recovery period following Jalupro Mesotherapy? plus minus
Getting a cosmetic treatment such as Jalupro Mesotherapy can be a good option for people who want to reduce their wrinkles and other signs of aging. Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that works by injecting solutions into the skin. It helps reduce dry patches, improve skin tone and texture, and can correct underlying skin issues. It is a very safe and effective procedure. Because these products are minimally invasive, there is little downtime and patients may quickly resume their normal activities.