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The Sunekos range provides solutions for numerous skin conditions including skin ageing, scars, post acne, melisma, dermatitis and hyper-pigmentation. The main focus of the Sunekos dermal filler line is to develop products acting only in a physiological way re-establishing youthful and natural features, while respecting the natural face contour.

Sunekos - Say Goodbye to All Your Skin Concerns

Sunekos is unique from the other dermal fillers as it does not physically plump the skin. It creates a more natural result by communicating with the skin on an intercellular level. This helps in the cells mending and healing by itself. This treatment has come a long way in the past and is very useful when the skin starts getting fragile, thin, and dry. This intelligent injectable substance called Sunekos stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to help it to produce a complete combination of collagen and elastin which majorly revives the vibrancy of the skin very quickly.

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Sunekos 1200 is an advanced skinbooster with antioxidant properties for wrinkles and damaged skin.
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Sunekos® 200 is the first line product and it is suitable for all types of dermis.
Due to its characteristics and through a specific injection technique, it is recommended to obtain LIFTING EFFECT or VOLUMIZING EFFECT
£130.29 £91.20 £76.00
Sunekos Performa is a filler for skin imperfections of mild to moderate entity, injected in the skin tissue to make up for the intracellular matrix and increase the volume in anatomically depressed skin, favouring the normalisation of imperfections.
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Sunekos Dermal Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need sunekos products? plus minus
We lose collagen as we grow old and our skin starts to lose its flexibility and firmness, which results in wrinkles and lines. In this situation, it may be challenging to encourage the skin to resume manufacturing collagen. Additionally, certain facial regions just need tightening, and damage repair which Sunekos provide in such places.
How many sessions are required for Sunekos products? plus minus
The skin keeps improving even three months following a treatment with Sunekos, which involves four sessions spaced seven to ten days apart. By smoothing the region, enhancing the moisture and structure of the skin, and filling in lines and wrinkles, this procedure remodels the underlying the skin's layers and returns the naturally young appearance.
What are the different areas that can be treated with Sunekos products? plus minus
Sunekos is used to treat thinning, drooping appearance of the skin, dark bags under the eyes, creases on the cheekbones and temples, as well as folds on the forehead, decolletage, neckline, and hand to give you skin that is radiant.
Sunekos products effects last how long? plus minus
Improvements are seen just a few days following the initial Sunekos treatment session, with a considerable increase in skin hydration that lasts for about six months. Sunekos effects, may last more if you adhere to a balanced routine and a healthy skincare practice at home. Visit Reliable Medicare Ltd. to buy this product at best price.
What differs Sunekos 1200 from Sunekos 200? plus minus
Expression lines and fine wrinkles are diminished with Sunekos 200, which also addresses and inhibits skin degeneration and elastosis. For subtle changes in the most visible regions, such as the hands, neckline, and décolleté, the 200 solution is ideal. Sunekos 1200 has physical changes. It provides more strength and elasticity for deeper wrinkles and drooping skin. It is typical to notice benefits within the first treatment owing to the water it attracts. The two formulae can be utilized in tandem for the greatest outcomes.