Hair Treatments that Nourish

The series of hair treatments for promoting hair growth and combating hair loss comes in the form of BCN Capillum Peptides, Piuryal Mesoline hair vials, the INNO –TDS hair loss controls, and much more. They penetrate deep into the hair promoting the overall health of the hair and scalp and restoring any damage. They can restructure the hair complex and treats all problems at the root level. All the formulations soothe and calm the hair and the active ingredients can help in providing lush hair.

Any hair treatment is successful when it can prevent damage, and dryness and provide nourishment as well as elasticity to the hair. These treatments are food to the hair and can give you lustrous locks. There are hair fillers and densifiers that can add volume to the hair, which everyone wants owing to hair loss due to environmental factors and the stress people undergo in modern times. Peptides have proven to increase the blood supply and flow to the scalp, which ensures that all hair-related concerns get solved. These breakthrough ingredient transforms your hair to support the overall health of the hair and the scalp. Further maintenance is also provided by the Pelo Baum Hair vitalizing shampoo and the revitalizing conditioner and solutions that can de-stress the hair against all environmental hazards.

Essentially rebuilding the structure of the lost or damaged hair follicles and deep condition is what the hair treatments aim at.

The hair treatments from Reliable Medicare are affordable, offer great sustainability. Visible results make our treatment line a highly sought-after one, and our brand range also involves advanced ingredients backed by research and innovation that gives you the hair you are looking for.

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    BCN Capillum Peptides (5 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £106.50 Special Price £85.20 £71.00
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    BCN Scalp (5 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £38.25 Special Price £30.60 £25.50
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    Dermaheal HL (10 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £115.64 Special Price £63.60 £53.00
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    Dr. CYJ Hair Filler (2 x 1ml)
    Regular Price £129.84 Special Price £79.20 £66.00
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    Haircare C Line (10 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £222.23 Special Price £180.00 £150.00
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    Haircare (10 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £222.23 Special Price £180.00 £150.00
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    INNO-DERMA Hair Lotion (1 x 70ml)
    Regular Price £37.61 Special Price £25.20 £21.00
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    INNO-TDS Hair Loss Control (4 x 2.5ml)
    Regular Price £51.93 Special Price £34.80 £29.00
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    INNO-TDS Hair Vital (4 x 2.5ml)
    Regular Price £51.93 Special Price £34.80 £29.00
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    Mesoestetic C.Prof 230 Hair Loss Solution (5 x 5ml)
    Regular Price £108.00 Special Price £75.60 £63.00
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    Mesoestetic Tricology Intensive Hair Loss Shampoo (1 x 200ml)
    Regular Price £39.43 Special Price £27.60 £23.00
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    Mesoestetic Tricology Hair Growth Intensive Lotion (15 x 3ml)
    Regular Price £53.15 Special Price £37.20 £31.00
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    Pelo Baum Hair Revitalizing Conditioner (1 x 110ml)
    Regular Price £31.84 Special Price £15.60 £13.00
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    Pelo Baum Hair Revitalizing Shampoo (1 x 150ml)
    Regular Price £31.84 Special Price £15.60 £13.00
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    Pelo Baum Hair Revitalizing Solution (1 x 60ml)
    Regular Price £71.02 Special Price £34.80 £29.00
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    Pluryal Hair Density (1 x 2ml)
    Regular Price £130.29 Special Price £91.20 £76.00
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    Pluryal Mesoline Hair (5 vials x 5ml)
    Regular Price £84.00 Special Price £58.80 £49.00
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Hair Treatments Frequently Asked Questions

Why are hair treatments good?
One of the best benefits of getting hair treatments is that it prevents damage to your hair. The treatment penetrates into your hair and scalp, providing moisture, which promotes the health of your hair. Hair treatments also decrease hair fall and reduce split ends.
What advantages do hair treatment products offer?
Products for treating hair have a lot of opulent advantages. These hair products help to fortify and thicken hair to protect it from falling, damage, and maltreatment. And help strengthen hair by filling in deficient molecules in your head, giving it more volume and damage-free hairs.
Hair Filler: What is it?
A durable remedy for hair loss in certain areas of your head is hair filler. These fillers provide the appearance of long, luxurious hair. Contrary to other hair loss solutions, there are non-invasive techniques for hair fillers. Despite the various methods for applying hair filler, all products produce noticeable effects right away.
Are all of the hair care products you provide safe and efficient?
Every item on our lists of suggested hair care products has received approval from a reliable third party as being secure and healthful. However, depending on the demands and varieties of hair of each individual, and the results may vary. Choose a product after reviewing all the information and efficacy of it to get the finest hair care option for you.
Why healthy hair is important for overall wellness?
As it is one of the very first things people may recognize about you, your hair is crucial to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your personality and self-esteem may be inferred from your hair's vitality and vibrancy. A confident head of hair makes people perceive you favourably.
What precisely is non-invasive hair treatment product?
In regions where there is scant or no hair, minimally invasive hair treatments encourage the growth of new hair, giving the appearance of a fuller head of hair without the need for invasive surgery. All ages and stages of hair loss can benefit from these treatments for both men and women. Your particular needs will dictate the best solution for you.