Hti Body Infrared Thermometer

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The Hti infrared thermometer is a handheld device designed to measure body temperature in infants and adults without contact. There are two measurement modes: body temperature and body surface temperature. It can store 34 body temperature digits and alarms are available for high and low body temperature. To be used by consumers in a household environment or medical clinic.


Model No: HT-820D

Storage temperature: -10~60℃ (14 to 149℉)

Usage temperature: 10~40℃ (50 to 104℉)

Usage battery: 3V

Weight: 122g

Size: 145 x 80 x 40mm

Technical Parameters:

Temperature measuring range: 32~43℃ (90 to 109℉)

Temperature measuring accuracy: ±0.3℃ (±0.6℉)

Surface temperature measuring range: 0~100℃ (32 to 212℉)

Surface temperature measuring accuracy: ±1℃ (±1.8℉)

Minimum readings: ±0.1℃ (±0.1℉)

Response time: 0.5s

Measuring distance: 5~8cm

Auto power off: 7s

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Brand Reliable Medicare
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