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Luxury Item Authentication Specialist

Job Description:

The role of a Luxury Item Authentication Specialist is pivotal in our operations. Your expertise will not be confined to timepieces alone but will encompass a wide array of luxury products. Your primary task is to rigorously authenticate luxury items, ensuring their genuineness. This role demands an acute attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of luxury brands, their unique characteristics, and market trends. You will be utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques to differentiate authentic items from counterfeits, maintaining the integrity of our product line and customer trust.

Key Responsibilities:

- Authenticate various luxury items, leveraging deep brand knowledge and market insight.

- Examine intricate details such as stitching, logos, and serial numbers for authenticity.

- Use advanced tools and technology for thorough and accurate authentication.

- Keep detailed records and provide comprehensive reports on findings.

- Collaborate with brand representatives, manufacturers, and industry experts.

- Develop and lead training programs on luxury brand authentication.

- Stay abreast of the latest developments in brand characteristics and industry standards.

Skills, Knowledges and Experiences:

- Worked in well-known merchant and have at least 5 years experience.

- Extensive knowledge of luxury brands and their distinct features.

- Skilled in using advanced authentication tools and technology.

- Effective communication skills for liaison with various stakeholders.

- Previous experience in luxury goods authentication.

- Commitment to continual learning about industry trends and authentication techniques.

- Capability to create and implement training programs on authentication.

Job Details:

Working Hours: 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday (8:30 – 5:30), 1-hour lunch break

Holidays: 20 days a year plus bank holidays

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £35,000.00-£80,000.00 per year, commensurate with skills and experience. Regular salary reviews and performance-based increases.

Salary based on skills and experience. Bonus scheme, with a definite 6-month bonus (every June and December)

Must wear formal office attire (uniform allowance £800 per year)

Phone Policy: Personal phones must not be used for any purpose during working hours, only allowed to be used during lunchtime (no snacking during the working hours)

Portfolio: Candidates should prepare a portfolio for potential interview stages.

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