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Luxury Buyer Procurement Manager

Key Accountabilities:

As a procurement manager in our dynamic business, you will play a pivotal role in acquiring and overseeing international agreements with suppliers and strategic partners, aligning with our branding strategy. Your responsibilities will encompass strategy development, relationship management, product sourcing, market trend analysis, and negotiation of contracts, while actively participating in procurement transformations. Your involvement will span various sectors, including software, digital services, indirect procurement, raw materials, and unique vehicle acquisitions. You'll engage in impactful projects aimed at enhancing our supply chain and sustainability efforts. With your keen insight into market trends across design and materials, you'll cultivate and strengthen our brand partnerships. This role also includes international travel during the Buying season to solidify and expand our brand connections.

Key Capabilities :

1. Experience in procurement in luxury sector, specifically in managing complex global deals and have extensive existing connection with factories and suppliers.

2. Strategic planning skills to develop procurement strategies.

3. Relationship management abilities to handle suppliers and partners.

4. Sourcing and negotiation skills for new products and contracts.

5. Analytical skills to assess market trends.

6. Knowledge of procurement transformation and branding strategy.

Salary Range

£38,000 - £100,000 annually

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Quick learning with speed typing skills

- Highly organised and results-oriented

- At least 5 years experience in related field

Working Hours: 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday (8:30 – 5:30), 1-hour lunch break

Holidays: 20 days a year plus bank holidays

Job Type: Full-time

Salary based on skills and experience. Bonus scheme, with a definite 6-month bonus (every June and December)

Must wear formal office attire (uniform allowance £800 per year)

Personal phones must not be used for any purpose during working hours, only allowed to be used during lunchtime (no snacking during the working hours)

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