L-Carnitine - How does it work?

L-carnitine is an auxiliary amino acid like composition that is produced naturally in the body. Its main job is to help escort fatty acids to the cells mitochondria where they can be converted into energy, it plays an essential role in normal functioning of the brain and heart as well muscle movement. The natural sources through diet are mostly animal products such as beef, pork, chicken and milk. L-carnitine supplements are essential for meat restricted diets, some genetic conditions and any medical procedures that can use up the natural supply of L-carnitine. L-carnitine is a useful remedy for weight loss as it can be injected directly into problem areas, it works with your body alongside an exercise programme and should always be treated with caution. With better levels of L-carnitine in the body, fat will be converted to energy instead of being stored on your hips or tum and this will significantly increase your energy levels in the process. Injecting L-Carnitine means it is absorbed directly to the fat accumulation area, this stimulates the cells to burn the fat quicker and improved concentration and energy makes it easier to stick to your diet. It is suggested that extra energy will increase your metabolism, protect heart health and improve fatigue and brain function.