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BCN Cocktails Adipo Forte (5 x 10ml) - Special Offer

SKU: BC001-MD-0824

In stock

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BCN Adipo has been developed to combat cellulite and restore skin firmness, it can also be used in aesthetic treatments for conditions such as double chin.
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BCN Base contains 3 active principles, hyaluronic acid, X-DNA and organic silica. It can be used on its own as an anti-ageing treatment or mixed with other ingredients to create a personalised product.
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BCN ECQ10 contains collagen, elastin and co-enzyme Q10 to make the skin firmer, smoother and more hydrated to give a youthful appearance.
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BCN Melano has been developed to correct skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and age spots. It also prevents photo-ageing, improves acne marks and scarring and gives the skin a more youthful appearance.
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