Teosyal Ultimate 1x3ml

Teosyal Ultimate 1x3ml

Teosyal Ultimate 1x3ml

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Teosyal Ultimate is a treatment to increase the volume of facial tissues in zones such as the cheekbones, cheeks and chin.

This helps to resculpt the facial contours and it is a wrinkle treatment with natural results.

Hyaluronic acid gels of TEOSYAL are biocompatible, natural and absorbable.

Teosyal Ultimate PureSense, injectable in sub - dermal layer, suitable in face remodeling, volume creation in upper cheeks, correcting deep skin depressions and is the most recent addition.

Effective, Long - Lasting and Safe - The Teosyal range, manufactured in Switzerland by Teoxane Laboratories and distributed in the UK by Lifestyle Aesthetics, consists of several monophasic hyaluronic acid based products of non - animal origin, which are highly biocompatible, offering patients immediate and long - lasting results.

Its high hydrating capacity can absorb upto 1000 times its own weight in water and is visco - elastic to mainain the skins elasticity and form a dense, interlocking mesh.

The patented technology used in the Teosyal range has a reduced protein and bacterial endotoxin level resulting in less hypersensitivity reactions.

What about contraindications?

Individuals with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Pregnancy and breast feeding.

Duration of effect This depends upon the degree of correction required, your age and lifestyle as well as the correct placement of the product by a practitioner.

Trials indicate that the majority of the Teosyal range is effective for an average of 6 to 9 months for the treatment of wrinkles.

Reported side effects Transient erythema (redness), swelling, possible discomfort at the implant site, this usually resolves in a few days.

Any persistent reaction must be reported to your practitioner.

Teoxane TEOXANE Laboratories were established in Geneva in 2003 and are specialized in the design and manufacture of hyaluronic acid - based dermal fillers.

As a result of its uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and patient satisfaction, TEOXANE is now among the top three hyaluronic acid - based dermal fillers manufacturers in the world with products in more than 80 countries.

Product Size:

1 x 3ml

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Size 1x3ml
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