Restylane SUBQ 1 x 2ml

Restylane SUBQ 1 x 2ml

Restylane SUBQ 1 x 2ml

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Restylane SUBQ creates volume and contours facial features. Restylane SBQQ is injected deeper to add volume and support the overlying tissue, providing facial fullness and restoring symmetry.

This treatment is ideal for patients with flattened facial features, or those with an unbalanced or asymmetrical face.

It is also suitable for patients reluctant to undergo facelift surgery or the insertion of permanent implants.

Meeting the increasing demands from patients requesting less invasive and non-permanent alternatives to plastic surgery, Restylane SUBQ also fulfils many requirements of an ideal soft-tissue filler.

Treatment Areas:

Chin enhancement, restores temple hollowness, midface lift, cheek enhancement and jaw lift/mandibular shaping.

Where to Inject:

Deep subcutaneous layer or supraperiosteally.

Facial Sculpting with Restylane SUBQ

Keeping your looks is not just about the management of facial lines and wrinkles but also about restoring lost volume in the skin.

The good news is that Restylane SUBQ provides deep dermal support providing help in the skin where it is needed to restore skin volume and give youthful shape and contour to the face.

The effect is very natural, leaving your skin feeling firmer but soft to the touch.

Restylane SUBQ is suitable for a wide range of patients seeking to improve their facial shape and definition without resorting to surgery or having permanent implants.

Restylane SUBQ provides a non-surgical mid face lift.

Whilst restoring volume in the skin in the upper half of the face to give a more youthful shape, it also diminishes the appearance of nose to mouth lines, to give a fresher look.

Restylane SUBQ also has the advantage of giving long lasting results, in excess of a year, and being a non-permanent treatment.

The gel in Restylane SUBQ biodegrades naturally and safely over time.

Beauty trends come and go and you do not want to land yourself with a look that you may regret in years to come.

You also need to retain flexibility and control over your looks because your face changes shape as you age.

As with all injectable treatments, some localised bruising and swelling can occur after treatment with Restylane SUBQ.

These side effects are temporary and usually disappear after 48 hours.

Product Size :

1 x 2ml prefilled syringe.

More Information
Size 2ml
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Country Origin This product is of European origin
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