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Reliable Medicare are proud to present their wholesale Syringes, Needles and Cannulas section. It is a retail and wholesale medical supplies section which caters to all needs, medical and personal. All our products come from reliable EU approved suppliers and will always be sterile, single use and latex free. Single use needles, cannulas and syringes prevent risk of cross contamination and infection arising from cleaning unsuitable devices. They reduce reactions to cross contaminations or chemical burns from mixing fluids, single use needles are proven to prevent patient injuries and ensure safe handling of products.


Our needles, syringes and cannulas come in a range of sizes and quantities to suit all needs, they can be used professionally for medical or cosmetic use by a fully trained practitioner or used to treat conditions at home such as diabetes. Our Steriglide cannulas are offered as an alternative to needle use in mesotherapy, they have become popular all over the world due to allowing patients to treated over a larger surface area of skin from a single injection site. This results in a more satisfying patient experience with less bruising and trauma for the individuals. Steriglide has overcome the problems faced by previous cannulas producers. It has succeeded in creating a dome shaped tip and ultra-thin walls to ensure less resistance, wastage of material and friction on dermis layer. It has clear markings on the port side to ensure for precise administration of fillers.


All our needles, syringes and cannula medical supplies are compatible with each other and available to buy in bulk wholesale supplies or at the retail prices on the website. Get in touch for further details as our wholesale syringes and needles prices can differ according to order quantities.