Mesotherapy offers an alternative to using surgery or toxic chemical injections to create a naturally youthful rejuvenated look, it offers peace of mind to customers everywhere that they are only using natural substances on their skin. Most mesotherapy is based on using nourishing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts in a needle-based treatment that is administered directly to the middle dermis cells to stimulate reproduction and cell repair. Our range of wholesale and retail mesotherapy supplies work by restoring skin to its most optimum hydrated state, it will improve the firmness and elasticity making the patient look youthful and radiant from within.


Each customer should consult with their beauty practitioner before treatment begins, detailing any medications they are taking or conditions they have which might affect the treatment plan. Each treatment plan is customised according to the patients need and what they would like to achieve through mesotherapy. Mesotherapy can be used to treat fine lines, plump up hollow spaces all over the face, contour and boost lip shape, fill in acne scars and depressions.  It can reduce the appearance of scars making them less noticeable and easier to conceal.


Mesotherapy can also be used to sculpt and define the body as one desires as it helps dissolve loose fat and tighten skin, it can be used on legs, arms, hands, back and stomach to accentuate the positives and distract from the negatives. 


It can also be tailored for medical uses such as arthritis or other degenerative joint problems, it provides a cushioning lubricated layer to prevent friction and wearing of the bone and joint. 

Available to dispatch within 3 to 5 business days