Reliable Medicare is proud to be to one of the most popular Cosmetic Distributors in the UK. All our wholesale beauty products are sourced from EU approved countries and available for sale to anyone in the UK, EU and further afield.  Our cosmetics range includes cream, serums and a whole range of other skin care products and cleansers sourced from trusted, reliable wholesale cosmetics suppliers. They are available to buy at standard retail prices or wholesale prices depending if you’re buying single items or buying in bulk.  All our skin care products come from the popular brands such as Filorga, Restylane, Juverderm and Teoxane. Trusted brand names offer peace of mind as customers can rely on their beauty supplies to keep their skin supple and hydrated.


Beauty and skincare cosmetics can be used before or alongside a non-surgical aesthetic treatment plan, but it is best to start a regular skincare maintenance program as early as possible. Fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections can be avoided through regularly cleansing and moisturising the skin using serums, creams, lotions and other skin care solutions. If the upper dermis is kept in good condition, you may be able to avoid treatment of the middle dermis layer for as long as possible.  Our skin care products are for all ages and can be used after aesthetic procedures to soothe and calm the skin, Restylane have delivered a ‘Recover’ Range to reduce any swelling or bruising caused by any other procedures.  Please be aware that night and day beauty products have different concentrations and should be used accordingly.

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    Filorga Foam Cleanser 150ml
    Special Price £17.50 Regular Price £25.00
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    Filorga Hyal-Defence 30ml
    Special Price £23.80 Regular Price £34.00
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    Filorga Hydra-Hyal 30ml
    Special Price £39.20 Regular Price £56.00
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    Filorga Meso Mask 50ml
    Special Price £37.10 Regular Price £53.00
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    Filorga Meso+ 30ml
    Special Price £48.30 Regular Price £69.00
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Items 21-40 of 65

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