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Ial-System® DUO is a sterile, light, transparent, monophasic gel based

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Ial-System DUO is a sterile, light, transparent, monophasic gel based on HA with multiple cross-links, created using the patented MUCH Technology.

  • Transparent, sterile, monophasic viscous gel.

  • Total content of HA: 25 mg / ml.

  • The content of free BDDE: <0.2 ppm.

  • Bacterial endotoxin: <0.02 EU / mg.

  • pH 5-7.


Ial-System DUO consists of stabilized HA (concentration 25 mg / ml) and HA-ACP ether (25% of the total volume). It has a dense consistency, while remaining a plastic, elastic and transparent gel. The presence of two types of chemical modification (stabilization of BDDE and ether bond) provides two types of biodegradation of HA, which leads to the following clinical effects:

  • short-term biostimulating effect due to the release of native HA (in the form of ACP).

  • long-lasting effect of volume increase due to increased resistance to destruction of HA, cross-linked with BDDE.


Role of ACP: biological function:

  • HA interacts with CD44 receptors involved in the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) contained in adipose tissue;
  • hydrolysis of ACP attracts macrophages that release growth factors that stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and the formation of a new extracellular matrix;
  • HA, released from the ACP, connecting to the CD44 receptors, inhibits the formation of collagenase MMP-13 by the action of IL-1β cytokine.


The role of crosslinked HA: the chemical network plays a "protective role", reducing the rate of hydrolysis of the ACP.  The type and degree of cross-linking provide the effect of maintaining the volume for 6-8 months. Ial-System® DUO is available in a kit containing 1 syringe containing 1.0 ml sterile gel and two disposable needles (27G) in separate blister packs. 


Ial-System® DUO is recommended for correcting the following zones:

  • nasolabial folds

  • lips (mainly to increase the volume)

  • cheek area and chin (change in shape)

  • the back of the hands, the neck and shoulders

  • the glabella region

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