Welcome to Reliable Medicare

Welcome to Reliable Medicare, I bet you’re wondering who we are and what we sell if you’ve come this far. We aim to be one of the largest Medical Supply Distributors in the UK, we specialise in over the counter products such as dermal fillers, cosmetics, orthopaedic supplies, mesotherapy and aesthetic supplies. We also distribute medical supplies such as needles, cannulas and syringes. Our wholesale medical products can be ordered in bulk for larger companies or at retail prices for single customers, we can customise offers according to your needs. All our wholesale products comply with European Conformity standards and are VAT exempt for EU VAT registered customers. They are sourced from reputable, reliable registered EU companies and we check for discrepancies before we arrange our special delivery. Being a Medical Wholesale Distributor means we can receive orders from the 10s to the 100s, we cater to any company, customer or shop and need no prescription or licensing information. Our delivery service aims to be as prompt as possible and our customer service team can be contacted for updates when needed.

Reliable Medicare are opening their own clinic where our best-selling products are used for non-invasive body contouring and aesthetic treatments. Using the same products found on our website, we will be offering a streamlined service for our customers and will be the only clinic to introduce the NRG Liposculpt treatment machine in the Birmingham area. Please get in touch via our Facebook or email us to ask about prices and time slots.