Mesotherapy began development in the late 1950s with the best-looking country of all time; France. It is a chemical free alternative that can be administered into the middle dermis layer of skin or applied topically to promote cell renewal and restore skin health. All our mesotherapy supplies use naturally sourced ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and acids/substances found within the body. Injection or topical application delivers hydration and accurate delivery to target areas.

Traditionally, most mesotherapy supplies are used for aesthetic procedures and targeting fat deposits within the body that cannot be changed through exercise and diet alone. Skin rejuvenation is achieved through the unique formula working to tighten and restores skin to its former beauty. The mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid work to stimulate cell reproduction and activate the body’s natural supply.

Mesotherapy can help to remove unsightly areas of bodyfat when it is injected straight into problem areas such as stomach, thighs, face, jowls etc. The injections are an alternative to liposuction as they do not remove the fat leaving hollow skin but encourage the body to flush out extra fat as waste by breaking down the cell walls. Without the cell walls to hold in fatty deposits, the skin returns to its original shape appearing tighter and smoother. Mesotherapy is also used to break down and smooth the appearance of cellulite which affects all shapes and sizes. It works effectively by targeting the underlying causes of cellulite such as swollen fat cells, water retention and dehydrated skin cells. Reliable Medicare pride itself on offering a range of mesotherapy supplies sold at retail and wholesale prices to the public or approved companies. They are responsibly sourced from known EU approved brands such as BCN, Dermaheal and RevitaCare.

Best uses for Mesotherapy Supplies

  • Cellulite and Fat reduction

  • Saddle bags •

  • Paunch and stomach bulge •

  • Dimpled rear end •

  • Face, neck, decollete, hands, arms, abdomen, and thighs skin rejuvenation •

  • Jowl formation •

  • Jaw lines sagging •

  • Double chin •

  • Fat pads around the eyes •

  • Sagging cheeks •

  • Smile lines