Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Technology Takes the Beauty Industry by Storm

There are many wonders with modern science and Aqualyx technology is one of them. This
fat dissolving technology is a relatively recent innovative and friendly technique used in the management of stubborn fat sections in the body. With this invention, complex and bloody surgeries have been replaced by simple injections that are also very cost-effective. It is referred to as Aqualyx treatment, used in dissolving fat pockets that have remained persistent despite doing a lot of exercises and dieting.

The registered product Aqualyx 5* 8ml dosage has been successfully used for dealing with fat spots around the face or body where fat may have gathered. Some of these areas may include;

  • Tummy
  • Hips also referred to as saddlebags
  • Thighs, both outer and inner thigh areas
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • upper arm areas also called bingo wings
  • double chins and fat cheeks.

  • Other Technologies Used

    Previously, other fat and wrinkles management techniques have been used such as dermal fillers and neurotoxins, diets and exercises. These still leave areas with stubborn fat cells and a better solution has been developed.

    This fat dissolving technology effectively helps you to get and maintain a slim and well-contoured body, and also gives long-lasting results. For people who are able to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, the results may last longer.

    Aqualyx Mode of Operation

    It contains a special deoxycholic acid that alters the surface tension of the fat cells membrane and increases membrane permeability. An advanced ultrasound machine is then used on the targeted surface and causes movement of liquids inside and outside of the fatty cells. This causes the fatty cells to bulge and rupture releasing the fatty liquid into the body. This liquid then undergoes metabolism processes through the lymphatic system and is then excreted.  

    Treatment Process for Aqualyx

    A typical Aqualyx treatment involves two sites of injection. To minimize discomfort during the treatment process, an anaesthetic such as lidocaine is administered before actual treatment is done.  in other cases, the practitioner may also combine the anaesthetic with aqualyx and the two are injected together at the target site of the fat.

    Aqualyx - Treatment Time and Regime

    The time taken per session depends on area size and characteristics of the fatty cells being targeted. Based on these factors, the treatment can take from 30 - 60 minutes per session and the number of sessions can range from two to eight treatment sessions which can be spaced at four weeks apart.
    It is important to note that some people can get significant outcome after two treatments.

    Lasting Effects

    Research and follow up shows that this treatment remains permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, constant weight monitoring should be done. Once freed fatty acids are removed from the body, they never reappear.

    Product Safety

    This product has undergone many tests and approvals, such that it has met all the health and safety standards required in the European Union. The dosage is in the form of Aqualyx 5 * 8 ml (half ) and Aqualyx 10 * 8mls vials. It has been given the European conformity approval (CE) certification and therefore approved for use in Europe, UK,  and also has the FDA approval.
    There are minimal side effects and the recommended treatment age is from 18 up to 60 years.