Our Wholesale Orthopaedics Supplies based in the UK are a great non-medicinal way to manage pain or bone problems without relying on medicines or surgery, Reliable Medicare recommend any treatment be discussed with doctor/general practitioners before any purchases or product administration. We cannot recommend any products or treatments as we are not medically trained or licensed to offer advice. Our orthopaedic supplies are aimed at treating osteoarthritis and recommended for use on the knees. Hyaluronic acid is an important of synovial fluid which stops reproducing frequently due to ageing, conditions such as arthritis and personal environment. A reduction in the synovial fluid can cause stiffer joints, less shock absorption and restricted mobility of the joints.

Our non-medicinal injections are filled with naturally sourced hyaluronic acid that can be used to line and lubricate joints reducing friction and wear/tear on the bones. Hyaluronic acid can also encourage reproduction within the synovial fluid slowing down the effects of arthritis on the joints. Lubricating non-medicinal injections reduce the need for NSAID or corticosteroid injections which can have side effects or not be considered a viable option for a long treatment plan.

All our orthopaedics supplies are approved by the EU and sourced from reliable, trusted UK suppliers using known brand names such as as Syncrom, Synvisc and Fermathron. It is not recommended alongside NSAID treatment as this can heighten the side effects causing bruising, swelling and tenderness. Treatment has varying results lasting between 3 to 6 months after the injection plan created with your professional has been carried out. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding partners.