Reliable Medicare aims to be one of the largest Dermal Filler Supplies in the UK, we offer great wholesale and retail prices that are consistently checked against rival Dermal Filler Suppliers. We cater for international customers too, shipping dermal supplies to Europe and Asia. Our best-selling brands such as Restylane, Juverderm, Sculptra and Radiesse all have different uses and our handy guide explains the best uses for our fillers.

Restylane and Most Juverderm

Restylane and Most Juverderm fillers are used to augment and correct the face shape according to personal preference, they are not just to get rid of wrinkles but to add lost dimension to the face. Skin can lose its hydrated lustre and appear flatter than it used to be. Hyaluronic based fillers like Restylane and Juverderm can be used add volume and correct fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds. They are injected into the inner dermis layer to stimulate and cushion the skin cells adding density and hydration from within. Shadows, line and wrinkles will appear filled out giving a beautiful youthful appearance. It is estimated to last between 6-9 months.


Radiesse is a collagen-based filler which can be used to smooth out moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth or to add volume to back of hands. It works immediately by plumping up the skin then stimulates the body’s own natural collagen into production. It is a gel full of tiny calcium-based microspheres, engineered from animal DNA so it does require allergen tests before treatment begins. It absorbs naturally into the body leaving only natural collagen to bridge the gap in skin volume. It can last up to a year and is approved to be mixed with lidocaine to reduce injection pain.


Sculptra is a longer lasting synthetic filler made from poly-L-lactic acid which is bio-compatible and bio-degradable. It has been used in medicine extensively, most popularly in dissolvable stitches. It works gradually over time in a series of injections, it is inserted into the deepest layer of the skin and stimulates collagen production to fill and plump up the face gradually. It helps replace the lost collagen, adding gradual volume to the skin for natural looking results. The long-lasting treatment can continue working for up to two years. It is best used for deep mature wrinkles, lines and facial folds. It can fill in shadows and correct any sallowness over time.

Juverderm Voluma

Juverderm Voluma was developed to combat the side effects of weight loss and ageing on the supple roundness of the face. It has been approved for use within the cheeks and chin facial area, not recommended for eye or lip use. It is designed to add volume under the skin where it has been lost due to ageing or weight loss, fuller cheeks or a contoured chin can help bring back a youthful beautiful face. It is uniquely formulated with tightly cross linked hyaluronic acid gel that glides smoothly under the skin.